Here we dive a little deeper into the latest news and events surrounding SeaScapes, and also introduce you in more depth to our wonderful partners and collaborators who make good things happen.

Remembering a Coast at War.

Through the centuries, the North East coast has played a significant role in times of conflict and has formed a key part of the country’s wider defence strategies for land and sea. Evidence of gun batteries located at Roker, Sunderland, date back as early as 1759. However, it is during the two world wars that […]

Photo of SeaScapes team at the coast - meet the SeaScapes teamteam
It’s a team effort.

This week I was way out of my comfort zone. Not that I am shy but seeing a photo of yourself next to the word ‘trailblazer’ is not where I deserve, or want, to be. Still, it was all for the greater good of SeaScapes being featured in a popular online lifestyle magazine, so I […]

Winter birdwatching: it’s a shore thing

As the seasons change and the days grow colder, damper and darker, there’s still plenty of wildlife at the coast to brighten up a winter wander. In fact, now is a brilliant time to go birdwatching, as ducks and waders from Scandinavia and the Arctic have arrived to overwinter on our shores. Birdwatching brings year-round […]