It’s a team effort.

This week I was way out of my comfort zone. Not that I am shy but seeing a photo of yourself next to the word ‘trailblazer’ is not where I deserve, or want, to be. Still, it was all for the greater good of SeaScapes being featured in a popular online lifestyle magazine, so I sucked it in and let it be.

I can put the record straight here though.

SeaScapes is the cumulation of over 20 years hard work by numerous individuals and organisations, who have driven the transformation of the coastline between the Rivers Tyne and Tees to what it is today. It is also the result of an extremely committed and dynamic team who work their socks off to make a difference to the marine environment and people’s connections to it.

I hope you enjoy the article. I am proud to be part of this and count myself lucky every single day to have had the opportunity to find my role in something so exciting. As I move on to pastures new, I am sure it will continue to deliver in the very safe hands of the real trailblazers – the SeaScapes team and Partnership.

We meet the trailblazer behind SeaScapes – the UK’s first marine Landscape Partnership – High Life North