The Beach Care and Aware project aims to improve the water environment on the coast for the benefit of its high-status natural heritage and for our communities.

This will be achieved by working in partnership to reduce the amount of damaging beach and marine litter, working to enhance the water quality of our coastal waters, beaches and inflowing streams through engaging with schools, businesses and communities in conversations, activities and events.

The project, led by Northumbrian Water, will increase awareness and pride in coastal waters and beaches and identify further ways the environment can be improved and will leave a legacy of local ownership and care for our coastal waters.

Introducing Louise Harrington

Beach Care and Aware Officer I’m a friendly and easy-going person who loves everything about the natural environment and engaging with people from all walks of life. So, it’s not a surprise to say I hold a BSc (Hons) degree in Environmental Studies from Sunderland University. I started my environmental career 20 years ago and still […]

Beach Cleans

Our Beach Care Officer is always out on the beach carrying out litter picks alongside the general public, schools, universities, businesses and community groups. In 2021 we managed 113 beach cleans with 1496 volunteer days and collected a staggering 1309 bags of rubbish. Evidence suggests that 80% of the rubbish we find on our beaches […]

Volunteer Beach Clean Leaders

The Beach Care and Aware Project recruits Volunteer Beach Clean Leaders to help deliver more beach cleans and surveys from the Tyne to the Tees. Working alongside the Beach Care Officer, our volunteers receive training and are fully equipped to deliver their own beach cleans. Our volunteers are so important to us as they are […]

Coastal Denes

Along our coast we are lucky to have many coastal denes which are areas of woodland with steep sided valleys and often with a water course running along the bottom and eventually out to sea. The denes are an integral part of our our unique coastline and need to be looked after to ensure the […]