SeaScapes CoLab website

Using arts-led research practices to see our world afresh.

Click here for full information on all SeaScapes CoLab projects. Dive into a rich archive of podcasts, videos and artworks and find out more about our artists collaborations with coastal communities and community partners living with – and not just on the coast.

Co/Lab Sunderland, (University of Sunderland) has led SeaScapes CoLab.

Co/Lab Sunderland is an arts-led research platform that aims to foreground our collective ability to ask questions and see our world afresh. In doing so, we help generate creative outcomes that have real societal value and impact in the world.

At its heart, Co/Lab Sunderland is a creative catalyst designed to broker interdisciplinary collaborations that foster new connections between art, research and communities.

We reach a broad range of academic, professional stakeholders and diverse communities through the delivery a rich programme of public facing talks, co-creation labs, collaborative commissions, interdisciplinary projects and published materials.