Coastal Cuisine

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Coastal Cuisine explores the cuisines of the international communities living in Sunderland and the positive impact that has on the local foodscape.

From September 2022 – January 2023, international communities in Sunderland worked with ceramicist Mary Watson and Foodscapes researcher Suzanne Hocknall to explore the positive influence that diverse cultures have on our local food traditions within the coastal city of Sunderland.

The multi – cultural group visited coastal locations such as Sunderland Marina and the Wild Oyster Project in Sunderland Marina, where they created lots of drawing, learned more about Sunderland’s food traditions, produce and heritage. The group has also shared recipes and traditional methods of cooking that celebrate the diverse food heritage found in the group (including Iraqi, Russian, Afghanistan, Taiwanese, Chinese – among others!).

Participants had an opportunity to create their own set of tableware at the National Glass Centre and designs were inspired Sunderland lustreware pottery, the sea, rocks, cliffs, and the stories they have shared on their journey. The resulting tableware reflects the culmination of their coastal experiences, and feature unique designs that tell the story of the community’s journey.