Blue Future

The future is bright, the future is Blue. Our projects will enable local communities to improve their environment, reduce litter, and combat the poor perceptions that are a legacy of its industrial past. Events and activities will encourage more visitors, putting this seascape on the map.

Our SeaScapes Community Grants will give local organisations an opportunity to improve their area in line with the SeaScapes vision.  

Beach Care and Aware 

Project Lead: Northumbrian Water 

The Beach Care and Aware project aims to improve the water environment on the coast for the benefit of its high-status natural heritage and for our communities. This will be achieved by working in partnership to reduce the amount of damaging beach and marine litter, working to enhance the water quality of our coastal waters, beaches and inflowing streams through engaging with schools, businesses and communities in conversations, activities and events. The project will increase awareness and pride in coastal waters and beaches and identify further ways the environment can be improved and will leave a legacy of local ownership and care for our coastal waters.

Events, Engage, Activity 

Project Lead: SeaScapes Delivery Team 

Through a cross-cutting, diverse programme of events, engagement and activities, this project will help to promote and encourage enjoyment and understanding, whilst celebrating and connecting people to its heritage and instil a sense of place for this unique area. This project will be instrumental in cultivating a deeper emotional connection with the seascape through engagement, whilst fostering an understanding to greater value, care and enjoyment.

Community Grants

Project Lead: SeaScapes Delivery Team

The Community Grants Scheme will enable a range of organisations to apply for funding to support community based projects and initiatives that will contribute towards the overall aims of the SeaScapes Scheme.