Using immersive activity, this project aims to reveal the hidden heritage (natural and maritime), bringing it to audiences previously not capable of accessing this world beneath the waves.

It will create opportunities for our local communities and new visitors to interact and experience the marine environment, both physically and virtually, to increase appreciation, enjoyment and promote an understanding of our seascape, while enhancing the capacity of existing underwater explorers to appreciate multiple dimensions of their marine heritage.

This project will address both natural and cultural heritage streams, building capacity in each by encouraging divers to find out more about 1) the wrecks they dive and their history and 2) the natural habitats at local dive sites and the species that inhabit them; both encouraging ownership of and advocacy for the marine environment.

Maritime Archaeology Workshop

Last week, divers taking part in the Beneath the Waves project participated in a Maritime Archaeology day hosted by Tees Archaeology in Hartlepool. Due to the unique industrial, cultural and social past of our region, there is still a wealth of hidden underwater heritage off our North East coastline, much of it still to be […]

Beneath the Waves update

A couple of weeks ago the Beneath the Waves team headed west to give a hand to divers taking part in the project with 3D modelling in the classroom. What a day it was! Many models were produced, some of which will be showcased over the next few weeks. We’re looking forward to putting these […]

Training workshops underway

There are hundreds of shipwrecks lying on the seabed between the Tyne and Tees, with many wrecks and their stories still unknown. Over the next two years, the Beneath the Waves project will be bringing our hidden underwater maritime heritage to life by working with local divers and dive clubs to create 3D models of […]

Introducing Peter Almond from Beneath the Waves

Research Assistant, Newcastle University. During my time studying and working as a marine biologist during the past six years, I have developed a fascination with the way marine ecosystems are shaped by their surroundings and environment. I am particularly interested in bringing these marine environments and communities to audiences that would never ordinarily be able […]

Introducing Rachael Priest from Beneath the Waves

Research Assistant, Newcastle University. Since a young age, I have loved the sea. This stems from many weekends at the beach, with my parents being scuba divers, and has fuelled a life-long interest in the marine environment. I followed my passion, completing a Marine Biology degree, and my interest in shipwrecks and benthic species led […]